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  • Mood: Anguish
  • Listening to: one piece
  • Reading: old sj magazines
  • Watching: one piece
  • Eating: anything i can eat
  • Drinking: water…

checked this out.
I think im a little bit mostly a dreamer, but im a slight mix of Doer and a Dreamer(but more dreamer weaknesses than doer weaknesses.includs the strenths.)

Okay i am vvery sorry for no posts again, only a pixel art, but since im using a temp just testing some things in it, and i just collects stuff online
,i guess its like a hobby of mine, sorry.I can not do that,not enough data to waste like that...

Going to be working at the Stevenson private place we have  tomorrow.
this spring was nice, but its been warm for a week,well since last week,but rain has been pouring down
so the pollen will weaken around...
this blog on Alabama weather shows a thing James spann has found out about why Alabama was so warm,and it was not global warming
and i realized why i am fustrated on animation.

Its becasue i prefer to make some animations by hand, but however, due to my lack of a lightbox, and materials to do one and make a light box, i cant do it , and it casues me to get fustrated with my animation skills, but at the same time i would like to use digital to help out some dents, but i get annnoyed when i do it all digitallly, a ike to make art and comics digital,but animation not likey 100% digitally and trationally,just half by half, meaning little bit of both, the animations main frames by hand, and rest touched up by digital,
but with no lightbox, pencils,and even a pg bar,peg puncher,and not enough paparat this time i cant do the stufff.
thats why my fuss on animation is going all over me..
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